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Research Centers

The School of Government and Public Affairs has planned for several specialized research centers within its operations. As we launch the Master in Public Policy, our Centers will crystallize and emerge with programs and courses of their own, especially in the Executive Development Programs area. The following Centers are currently planned. Start of operations will depend upon funding, sponsorship and talent acquisition.

  • (a) Centre for Leadership Studies: will propagate leadership models in the public service space and train future leaders in key leadership skills;
  • (b) Centre for Conflict Management and Negotiation: will research and teach on causes and consequences of conflict in society with the aim of preventing such conflicts;
  • (c) Centre for Human Rights: will address the whole ambit of human rights and their application, serving to build awareness and research documents in the area;
  • (d) Centre for Governance: will study how governance systems are evolving in traditional societies as they modernize and the impact of technology in streamlining governance;
  • (e) Centre for Social and Economic Policy: is the center dedicated to researching and teaching public policy formulation and application in the fields of social and economic operation;
  • (f) Centre for Social Inclusion and Elimination of Exclusion: drawing deep from sociology, politics, gender studies and other allied fields, this Centre’s efforts will underpin inclusion strategies;
  • (g) Centre for Business and Public Policy: will study the structures of interface between government and business and the way they change each other. It will also research and teach about business’ role and interventions to promote social good;
  • (h) Centre for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality: is the center that will research and teach about the role and participation of women in activities that create social, political and economic impact;
  • (i) Centre for Development of Grassroots Institutions: is the Centre dedicated to researching and teaching about the evolution and functioning of local self-government institutions in India and world-wide;
  • (j) Centre for People Management in Public Affairs Institutions: will address issues regarding talent management in public affairs organizations and develop innovative solutions to people problems;
  • (k) Centre for Disaster Management and Community Resilience: this Centre will synthesize learning in the field of disaster management and glean lessons from Odisha’s experience.